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About Take a Stand™

Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates is a unique national program from the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), supported by a sponsorship from Pfizer. The initiative aims to improve national adult immunization rates by increasing the use of standing orders in medical practices. Standing orders authorize nurses and other appropriately trained health care personnel, where allowed by state law, to assess a patient’s immunization status and administer vaccinations according to a protocol approved by an institution, physician, or other authorized practitioner. They have been shown to be effective in streamlining immunization services and improving patient care.

In addition to raising adult immunization rates, Take A Stand™ seeks to:

  • Improve patient care through enhanced practice efficiency in delivering adult vaccines,
  • Streamline physician time, leading to reduced costs in providing vaccinations to adults, and
  • Provide access to evidence-based tools, model standing orders, and a step-by-step guide for continually improving standing orders programs and enhancing the quality of patient care.

The first part of the project comprised 25 free workshops across the nation. The workshops were led by renowned experts in adult immunization including William Atkinson, MD, MPH; Alexandra Stewart, JD; L.J Tan, MS, PhD; and Deborah Wexler, MD.

The half-day workshops were successful at:

  • Reinforcing the value of adult vaccines,
  • Demonstrating the benefits of instituting standing orders to raise rates within practices,
  • Clarifying the legal principles related to using standing orders,
  • Addressing perceived challenges to implementing standing orders as identified by workshop participants, and
  • Providing guidance on establishing and implementing standing orders.

You can find the slide decks and resource materials from our workshops on this website:

Response from the workshop attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to receive requests for more workshops. To address this demand, IAC is working with Pfizer to launch the next phase of Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates. IAC is currently creating a 10 minute executive summary and six 15-20 minute online video training modules, based on the content of the successful workshops and enhanced by feedback from the workshops and analysis of implementation of standing orders protocols by participants. Our plan is to launch these free training videos on this website during mid-2017.

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